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Manufacturing Cubed Ice Machines, Flaked Ice Machines, Storage Bins and Baggers for 50 Years!

  •  Commited to Energy Conservation, Sustainability & Innovation
  •  Built with 100% Recycled Scrap Metals, Cardboard and Paper
  •  All our machines and products carry our 5 YEAR PARTS & LABOR WARRANTY
  •  Our Sani-Ice Purification Products Sanitize Ice as it's produced and served!

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Having Issues With Your AC & Heating? Wave goodbye to that stress!


Ice Machines Rentals & Sales!

Customers that need ice also need everything else that comes with it! Try one of our machines at your place of business and watch your traffic and store sales skyrocket!

Flexible Service Agreements

For over 50 years, MIMCO has been providing quality services businesses can and will rely on. Keep your ice machines serviced and they'll last you forever.

Air Conditioning and Heating

We offer walk-in refrigerators & freezers, reach drink cabinets, deli counters and much, more. From top name manufacturers, we are sure to have what your business needs.

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